Community Ambassador Program
Ride, connect, and make a difference, celebrating the joy of cycling with like-minded women.
What you can get as an ambassador
One FREE JELENEW professional cycling kit
First in line to experience new products
Exclusive priority for offline events
Exclusive discount codes
Who can become an ambassador
Anyone who is passionate about cycling and dedicated to helping more women join the cycling community has the opportunity to become a JELENEW ambassador.
How to Join.
Step 1:
Complete the form at the end of the page
Step 2:
Our team will reach out to you for further communication
Step 3:
Become a JELENEW Community Ambassador
Personal Information
1.First Name
2.Last Name
5.Cycling frequency per week
6.Have you purchased JELENEW products before?
7.Instagram account handle
8.Strava account
9.Name of cycling organization/club
10.Role within the cycling organization/club
11.Number of active members in the cycling organization/club
12.Cycling frequency of the cycling organization/club
13.Why do you want to become a JELENEW ambassador?
14.What role do you believe you can play in the ambassador program?
Thank you for your submission.
Our team will respond to your email within 48 hours.

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