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Transcend Fast-dry Cutout Cropped Jacket

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$125.00 CAD $195.00 CAD
Free shipping, Free return
One year warranty
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Transcend Fast-dry Cutout Cropped Jacket
Free shipping, Free return
One year warranty
$125.00 CAD $195.00 CAD
Moisture-wicking Fabric
The selected fabric is buttery soft and ultra skin-friendly. The silky smooth touch and lightweight stretchy material offers a second-skin like wearability. The high absorbency prevents moisture accumulation and leaves your skin cool.
Fitted Shoulders
Jelenew's proprietary hand tailoring technique and ergonomic design are created to fit the female anatomy. Move without restraints and push your limits.
Thumbhole Design
Added thumbholes provides a more active fit.
Cropped Design
The unique cut-out shape is a bold statement beyond functionality that accentuates your waistline.
U-shaped Hemline
The u-shaped hemline creates a dynamic visual effect that lays well on your body.





Crash Replacement

Our women's cycling apparel is made to accompany you through your ride, which can be perilous at times. Provide photos of your Jelenew clothing if your apparel is damaged within 30 days of purchase and we will give you a free exchange (Jelenew members enjoy 40 days free exchange). Keep Safe.

Quality Guarantee

Our products are made to last. Our 2-year quality guarantee policy promises if your apparel is damaged within 2 years of purchase, provide us with photos of the damaged apparel and get 50% off your new kit of the same product. If the product is out of stock, you can use the coupon for similar products in our current season.

Sustainable Material

We care about the earth that we inherited and our fellow human beings. Our professional cycling clothing materials are sourced ethically from sustainable sources. Workers are paid fairly and reasonably.

90-day easy return

Have an issue with your order? We offer a 90-day easy return. Welcome to give us any feedback on our products.