Past Rides and Events

Past Rides and Events

March 16th 2024

Ride Where Your Heart Leads You

Bring your old jersey to trade-in a Jelenew jersey!

On March 16th, cycling enthusiasts embarked on a memorable social ride, hosted by Jelenew in partnership with Pedalers Fork. Riders gathered at Pedalers Fork, eager to explore the scenic routes and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow cyclists.


Ride with The Pros

February 24th 2024

On February 24th, Jelenew had the pleasure of hosting cycling enthusiasts for an exhilarating long-distance women-only ride in collaboration with Thömus USA, Santa Monica. Join us as we revisit the highlightsof this unforgettable event.

Love the Power within Yourself

February 10th 2024

On February 10th, 2024, Jelenew partnered with Thömus to host a special Valentine's Day cycling event, inviting participants to embrace self-love and empowerment through the joy of cycling. Cyclists gathered at Thömus USA in Santa Monica, CA, ready to embark on a journey that would challenge their endurance and uplift their spirits.

Pedaling Towards a Cure

October 7th 2023

Jelenew, in collaboration with the esteemed bike shop Thömus, organized a charity ride on October 7th. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer, a cause close to the hearts of many. Cycling enthusiasts and advocates gathered to pedal for a purpose, embarking on a memorable journey from the scenic Venice Beach Bike Path to the iconic Santa Monica Pier.

Conquering the Ironman 70.3 Challenge
with Raquel Henares

August 26th 2023

Meet Raquel Henares, the dedicated ambassador of Jelenew. Raquel's journey in the world of triathlon and cycling spans over seven years, during which she has poured her heart and soul into these sports, making them an endless source of inspiration.

Jelenew X Velo Femmes en Motion Exhibition in LA

August 26th 2023

Jelenew is a firm believer that cycling is a powerful medium for true connection and meaningful action that is beyond the simple motion of pedaling. We are honored to work with VELO for an amazing pop-up event Femmes En Motion this August. The Femmes En Motion is a pop-up photo gallery celebrating female cyclists' power and legacy. The two shows are held separately in LA at Pedaler's Fork and in Paris at Steel Coffee Shop. These two spots are known to be the go-to rendezvous for local cyclists to immerse in the vibrant cycling culture or to have a break after a strenuous session.

Jelenew X Velo at Steel Coffee Shop, Paris

August 4th 2023

Titled "Femme en Motion", this project is a celebration of the influence they have had on the world of women's cycling. Thanks to their photos, we have gained respect, esteem and a new love of cycling. They have inspired a new generation of women cyclists through their lens.

Jelenew Charity Ride at Pyrénées

June 3rd 2023

Jelenew orchestrated a charity cyclosportive June 3rd, 2023, to advocate and raise fund for individuals affected by epilepsy. This event took place in the picturesque setting of Mauvezin, Gers, and aims to raise awareness and funds to build a gym for the children of the CASTELNOUVEL MECCS, a medically supervised school dedicated to children with epilepsy. Cyclists of all levels joined, from beginners to seasoned riders, as this event is designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

A Trip to Barcelona with Countess Katia

May 12 2023

Jelenew's ambassador Katia della Faille is a journalist by profession and a passionate cyclist at heart. She joined Jelenew with a shared vision of empowering women through the art of cycling. Her story and her social media presence inspire more people to tap into their physical and mental energy. As an avid advocate for "pink power", she sees both strength and sensuality in the color pink and the feminine energy that it symbolizes.

Jelenew at ISPO Munich

June 04 to 06, 2023

Jelenew made an indelible debut at the OutDoor by ISPO, Europe's largest outdoor trade fair and international platform for future-oriented sports brands, reaffirming Jelenew's commitment to empowering women in the world of cycling.

A Journey Through Monet's Masterpieces in Northern France

January 30 2023

Cycling in northern France is a truly magical experience. With rolling hills, tranquil waters, and quaint villages dotted throughout the countryside, every turn of the pedal reveals a breathtaking new view. As you ride through the heart of Monet's beloved landscape, you'll be surrounded by iconic paintings that come to life.

Green City Cruise in Paris

November 02 2022

Starting from Château de Vincennes, our wonderful female cyclists ride along the scenic bike track at Polygone Vincennes to advocate for green traveling. The whole team prepared recyclable water bottles and took care of the waste that was created along the way. The team also calculated the carbon footprint of the whole trip in comparison with driving a motor vehicle. Team members are also all wearing Jelenew jerseys and bibs that are strictly made from recycled and repurposed materials.

Jelenew's City Ride: Boston

December 22 2022

Jelenew's Boston Ride for Reforestation with BUCC was successfully held in the surrounding area of Boston city. Jelenew and the group had a warm and enjoyable ride despite the cold weather. A majority of the members who participated in this event were women. The difference in genders, colors, and ages didn't affect the fun of getting together and cycling with each other.

Roaming Paris

September 16 2022

Cycling has not been seen as the most glamorous sport, but why shouldn't it be? We began our international cycling journey from the fashion capital, Paris. Jelenew aims to vitalize the style and inherent beauty in cycling through haute couture tradition and a celebration of cycling culture. It is the spirit to push forward, the courage to control and lose control, that makes cycling the uniquely beautiful sport that it is.