How to fix short cycling furnace?
September 26, 2022

When the temperature in your home drops, your furnace gets to work by producing enough heat to reach the desired temperature. A common problem that occurs in the winter is a short cycling furnace.


Furnace short cycling refers to when your furnace frequently turns on and off, preventing it from producing enough warm air to keep your home comfortable during the cold weather season.

Overheating is another common issue that causes a furnace to short cycle. Frequent overheating results in your furnace turning itself off to prevent potential damage.

Faulty temperature monitors will result in an inefficient system, leading to temperature swings and short cycling.

An overheating furnace can cause more than short cycling. A faulty thermostat in your furnace can damage the heat exchanger and release small amounts of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) into your home.

Carbon monoxide leaks are extremely life-threatening and are the last thing you need in your home. 

dirty air filter caused by restricted airflow is the most common cause of overheating. A dirty filter prevents sufficient airflow, especially when combined with dirty interior vents, resulting in a significant furnace problem.

Reaching out to a local HVAC professional to schedule a system repair is the ideal solution to an overheating furnace. HVAC technicians use specialized equipment to restore a heating system safely and effectively.

A contaminated air filter prevents hot air from circulating throughout your home, resulting in short cycles and overheating. Restricting the air coming into the system causes a clogged exhaust vent and poor insulation.

Aside from affecting the furnace cycles, dirty air filters prevent your furnace from warming your home sufficiently and escalate into more significant issues.

The easiest way to prevent a clogged air filter is to replace the air filters frequently. If your furnace turns on and off repeatedly due to a contaminated filter or exhaust vent, scheduling a professional furnace service will prevent the problem from growing into something more severe.

Just like the other appliances in your home, your furnace is not a one-size-fits-all system. An oversized system can result in short-cycling by quickly and unevenly distributing air.

If your furnace is short cycling or you notice that your energy bills are higher than usual, you may want to check the size of your furnace.

Unfortunately, there is no repair option for an oversized furnace. In this case, the best way to prevent a furnace short cycle is to replace the system with one that fits your home.


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