Best cycling skirts you can buy right now
August 31, 2022

If you're on fashion TikTok, chances are you've seen the Jcyclingclub that's taken over the platform. If you don't know it, it's an activewear dress, and creators rave about its hidden shorts that feature pockets deep enough to store a phone.


The dress fits perfectly into the "hot girl walk trend," especially since it's made of activewear fabric and has a built-in sports bra for support while on the move.

The dress has opened the world up to Jelenew, and as it turns out, the brand has a ton of cute workout sets — like skorts and skirts — that are so silky and smooth you'll want to wear them as much as the famous Everyday Dress is talked about.

The Cycling Shorts with Streamline Design features a dynamic and flowy aesthetic. Their selected skin friendly fabric offers the best moisture dispersion and shape retention during your activity. These cycling shorts leave your skin fresh and cool all day while maintaining shape. The enhanced silicon leg gripper prevents curling during your movement and the high elasticity is resistant to abrasion and comfortable to wear. Their proprietary 3D design aims to inspire true confidence through sports. Pleated skirt design is youthful and sportive. Integrated shorts allow you to move with more ease and confidence. Shorter hemming on the front accentuates your legs. Fit for your active lifestyle.

Whether it be a waffle-knit skirt, a ballet dance dress, or a miniskort, there's no shortage of styles to support you traveling, walking, running errands, or working from home. The brand's activewear is the best of all worlds, comes in dozens of colors, and is as comfortable as you'd imagine it to be. Shop our top picks ahead.

By providing an alternative to the traditional skirts and dresses, scrungies and bloomers, Katie believes that girls will remain confident and less self-conscious, even as they go through puberty when these feelings are exacerbated.


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