Jelenew launches "Green cycling tour of Paris" to promote low carbon living and green travel
November 02, 2022
jelenew Green cycling tour of Paris
On October 30, 2022, local time in France, the "Green cycling tour of Paris" was held as scheduled.
jelenew Green cycling tour of Paris
Many Parisian female cyclists gathered together to share a leisurely time of cycling. It is reported that the event is a public welfare activity initiated by Jelenew, an American haute couture professional cycling apparel brand committed to promoting the development of global women's cycling.
jelenew Green cycling tour of Paris
The event is dedicated to calling people's attention to a green, healthy, and pollution-free low-carbon way of traveling and advocating a healthy lifestyle centered around cycling. The year 2022 marks the 7th year of the Paris Agreement initiated by the United Nations, reducing carbon emissions a common goal for all humanity. And cycling is a sport with a long history in Paris, where the first Tour de France was held in 1903.
jelenew Green cycling tour of Paris
In addition to professional sports events, cycling is also a popular way of daily travel for Parisians, and it was her that writer Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Paris, fell in love with cycling.
Jelenew hopes to call on more people to participate in green life by holding the "Green cycling tour of Paris." The cycling route of this event is the Circuit Velo du Polygone de Vincennes, the historically rich area of Château de Vincennes in Paris, France.
The female cyclists who participated in the event got to see the real and lively side of the city along the way and feel the romantic autumn Paris and its profound cultural heritage on the cycling route. They set up a mini-race against each other and at the finishing line stopped to share with their teammates what they saw and felt during the ride.
"I've been cycling for many years. Cycling is not only a form of exercise that is good for your health, but it is also a green way to travel that's good for the environment. The carbon emission reduction from riding 1 km per day for one year can guard 12 square meters of wetland. If every person on the planet rides 1.6 kilometers a day on average, the world can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 414 million tons a year.
I hope that by participating in the "Green cycling tour of Paris," we can encourage more women to join us and make cycling part of day-to-day life. The event was significant, and I was delighted with my outfit. The material is of good quality, lightweight, and quite stretchy.
I found the different colors of the costume to be all so beautiful. The chamois on the shorts are very comfortable." Justine Carlier, a triathlon athlete who participated in the green cycling tour, said happily. "Although I'm often over here, this is the first time I've seen an all-female ride like this,and it's quite rare and interesting." A cyclist who was also at Circuit Velo du Polygone de Vincennes that day told us, "The cycling clothes they wore were so beautiful, different from what I've seen people wearing here before, very well-designed and fashionable.
The cyclists seem to be more confident and glowing in these cycling clothes". It is said that the female riders participating in the event were wearing Jelenew's latest fall/winter collection of cycling apparel.
The collection is made with the finest tailoring techniques from Haute Couture, giving the jerseys the ultimate pro-fit while making them more flattering. Unlike the current market's ostentatious color scheme, the classic colorway of cycling clothing focused more on textures and elegance. The Green Cycling Tour ended that afternoon. Although it was not a long event,the significance was extraordinary.
Jelenew's call for a green cycling lifestyle is recognized by more people. We expect more female cycling enthusiasts to join the Jelenew Strava club and enjoy the fun and charm of cycling. We want to encourage more women to start cycling and together promote cycling as a green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and healthy way to travel and exercise.

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