jlifeJelenew believes in women's empowerment through women's representation.
What is CurveTec™

The Joy of Cycling
in the
Great Outdoors

Powered by pedaling motion, one breaks free from the daily routine of the city and it is surprising how the physical exertion of the climb can bring a deep sense of peace.

Jelenew understands and focuses on women's needs

Always On the road

Outdoor cycling is a physically demanding activity and also a challenge for the mind. Focus on your body and the exertion of every muscle, feel the spontaneous connection of the mind, and feel the dynamic of the moment.

Aerodynamic fabric enhances your performance on bike

One pedal at a time, conquer the road


Jelenew's Sports Tech collection redefines the standard of women's indoor and outdoor sportswear, tailored to the specific needs of women. With a focus on cycling apparel, our innovative high-performance garments powered by CurveTec™ protective system not only enhance your performance, but also seamlessly transition you from race day to daily training and everyday life. Designed for female athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, Jelenew creates a brand new sports experience for women around the world.