Best Cycling Bibs for Your Winter Journey
November 17, 2022
bib tights

The best winter bib tights to keep you warm and toasty on the bike when the temperatures drop.

bib tights

As we move into winter proper, especially for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our best winter bib tights are starting to get used regularly as the temperatures dwindle and lightweight summer kit is retired for the next few months. 

In spring and autumn, the best cycling shorts and leg warmers ensure full leg coverage and keep you warm. It's possible to ride with shorts and leg warmers all year round, I certainly have in years gone by. However, the best winter bib tights on the market can give you another level of protection and warmth during the winter months that can make heading out the door for a winter ride a far more appealing prospect when it's really chilly. Technical features like Windstopper material and soft fleece linings can provide a whole other level of comfort when out on the bike. 

Winter tights in our opinion are one of the most difficult pieces of cycling kit to get right from both the manufacturer's and consumers' perspectives. There is a range of choices and weights so it's best to research before you invest in some winter bib tights.

Bibtights are all for wearing when the temperature drops, but there are quite a few branches to the tree. Bibtights will vary in weight, chamois design, weather and waterproofing and fit and cut. Some bib tights also come without a chamois and are mainly worn over bib tights by some riders. 

The vast majority of bib tights command a heavy price tag, but you don't have to spend a bundle to stay warm this winter. dhb’s Classic Thermo bib tights are comfortable and do a great job of keeping you warm and comfy on the bike.  Like all the rest, they are made from soft fleece-lined fabric, which comes up well above your waist to keep your core warm and feeling cosy.

Jelenew presents to you a bib tights for both thermal regulation and body-shaping effect. The brushed inside of the breathable fabric provides smart temperature regulation, forming an internal heat circulation system to help you make breakthroughs in the cold winter.


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