Jelenew launches Pro women’s cycling jersey made with haute couture craftsmanship
August 28, 2022
cycling jersey

This craftsmanship will provide a better riding experience for female cyclists

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, USA, August 27, 2022// -- Recently, an American avant-garde cycling apparel brand launched its new collection: Racing collection, which aims to provide more functional cycling gear and a better riding experience.

cycling jersey

The pro cycling jersey, which Jelenew created, uses French haute couture tailoring craftsmanship and the help of the aerodynamicist, giving every cyclist the best experience of aerodynamic gains.

In 2021, the Jelenew team collected data on different women around the world and built its own core database. After months of research and design, Jelenew launched its first cycling wear collection: the 1+1 collection, in May 2022. This collection helps beginners start cycling faster, and as entry-level equipment, it also gives them almost the same experience as professional cycling wear.

And then, based on that, Jelenew launches its cycling wear for professional cyclists. It’s known that its racing collection uses selected Italian fabrics with ultimate antibacterial and stretchability. Using three-dimensional tailoring from haute couture, the human body muscles are accurately divided into slices, which can better help protect the muscles. With the help of functional fabrics, this clothing collection can bring you a better sports experience. It will not limit your sports movements, enjoy the beautiful experience brought by extreme sports, and feel the state of freedom more easily. It can also effectively reduce the friction between the skin and the fabric and help you plasticize during exercise. It will also provide better support for the muscles and reduce the weight it brings to the muscles. And under Jelenew’s exclusive technology, it has the ultimate quick-drying and breathability. It reduces the sultry feeling, lets the natural air breathe in synchronization with every pore of your own, enjoys the fresh, natural mood, and brings the renewal of every cell of your body. What’s more, with the design of haute couture, it brings women cyclists a more stylish look while maintaining excellent functionality, helping them to enjoy cycling and enjoy life.


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