How to find your cycling jersey?
August 12, 2022
cycling jersey

To improve aerodynamics and comfort while you’re on the road, you’ll want to invest in a cycling jersey. They can be pricey, so we’ve found the best cheap cycling jerseys to buy if you’re on a budget.

Made with technical materials to provide breathability, flexibility and aerodynamics on the road, cycling jerseys often come with a hefty price tag.

cycling jersey

They’re a practical bit of bike gear for any frequent rider, so if you don’t want to part with more than £50, you’ll need to find a budget-friendly option. 

The best cycling jerseys fit closely on the body to avoid drag and move moisture away from your skin to evaporate on the outside of the fabric. They’re breathable, comfortable and have plenty of storage for energy gels, extra layers or other essentials. 

Another option for female cyclists, this jersey has been designed ‘for women, by women’, according to dhb. The high-quality Italian fabrics are said to be soft and lightweight, and are designed provide a relaxed fit as opposed to a race fit. If you’re after the latter, dhb recommends sizing down. 

Thanks to the low collar and lack of arm grippers, this cheap cycling jersey should also provide a comfortable feel without cutting into the skin. 

You’ll also get three vertical pockets and a fourth zipped compartment for storing your belongings. 

Featuring short sleeves and lightweight materials, this men’s cycling jersey is perfect for warm-weather rides. Created with a slim fit design, it’s said to hug the body for an aerodynamic ride. 

The technical fabric is designed to be highly breathable and sweat-wicking in order to move any moisture away from your body to keep you comfortable. 

On the back, you’ll find a three-section pocket and a small zipped compartment for storing your essentials. 

Four-way stretch helps the fabric mould to your body to provide comfort and minimise drag on the road. Plus, the materials are said to be breathable, lightweight and sweat-wicking. You’ll find mesh panels on the underarms for added ventilation. 

A silicone waist gripper and selection of reflective pockets complete the practical design. Though it’s not quite as cheap as some of the other options listed here, it’s from a brand that consistently fares well in our product tests.


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