How to choose your cycling shorts?
August 09, 2022
cycling shorts

For beginners, a pair of good cycling shorts is important. It can not only help you improve your cycling experience but also can ensure your safety during cycling.

Bike shorts are making a comeback, in and out of the gym! Whether you are an avid cycler or you are just looking for a new trendy piece for your casual summer closet, you’ve come to the right place.

While your typical workout leggings and sports bra combination is a classic, bike shorts are a great way to expand your workout wardrobe while still avoiding short-shorts that ride up when you’re on the go.

cycling shorts

cycling shortsFrom sweat-wicking to padded to even period-proof, we’ve found bike shorts that are right for you.

Whether or not you choose to wear underwear under your chamois or bike shorts is an entirely personal choice. We aren’t here to judge, and what’s comfortable for one rider won’t necessarily be the same for the next. That said, if you choose to wear underwear aside from a chamois or other padded cycling shorts liner, we highly recommend a pair of moisture-wicking underwear. These will increase comfort and help aid in staying hygienic during rides, workouts, and just on your general day-to-day activities.

The quick-dry materials of moisture-wicking underwear helps keep sensitive parts of your body more regulated, temperature-wise, helping sweat evaporate from your skin and keep a drier microclimate. Your underwear should fit well to avoid chafing and be made of a material or blend of fibers that feel comfortable next to your skin.

Like anything involving undergarments, the specifics are personal. Many cyclists prefer a more full cut for their workout and riding underwear, which helps prevent chafing and wedgies. Men’s wicking underwear is available in styles ranging from briefs to skin-hugging boxers with nine-inch inseams. Women’s wicking underwear comes in everything from boxer styles to high-waisted briefs to boy-shorts to cheeky styles. It’s all about personal preference, and it will likely take a few different trial runs before figuring out the most comfortable style for your rides and workouts.


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