How to Choose the Best Womens Cycling Jersey
April 07, 2023
How to Choose the Best Womens Cycling Jersey

How to Choose the Best Womens Cycling Jersey

The idea of living a healthy life and staying in good shape is becoming more and more important to people. By 2020, the number of obese Americans has already exceeded 40%. The obesity rate is also higher in women than men. More and more women are joining the cycling team. They hope to maintain good health and figure through cycling.
Cycling is great for women’s health and keeping fit. Cycling clothing is something you should consider before starting. Choosing the right womens cycling jersey is important. So, how to select the best women’s cycling jersey? There, you can read about it and know which you can choose.

Benefits of Wearing Womens Cycling Jersey

Perspiration and Breathability

Most womens cycling jerseys are made of breathable fabric. The cycle jersey can wick sweat from the body directly to the surface of the clothing. The sweat on the jerseys evaporates quickly, keeping the body cool while riding.

Reduce Wind Resistance

The women’s cycling clothing is designed to conform to human mechanics. It does not increase resistance when the wind blows like ordinary clothing. On the contrary, when we wear cycling women's jerseys, we will feel more relaxed during the ride.

More Comfortable

The womens bike pants with padding can reduce the friction between your body and the seat. You will feel more comfortable wearing women’s cycling pants with padding than wearing unpadded bike shorts. And wearing a womens bike jersey bra can also have this effect.

More Convenient

Cycling jerseys for women are designed with a longer back fabric. It can prevent the back from showing when riding. Some humanized women's cycling jerseys have a pocket on the back to carry your belongings. So they are very convenient and practical.

How to Choose the Best Womens Cycling Jersey

Fabric Comfort Level

It is a crucial point. The comfort of cycling jerseys for women directly impacts how well we ride. Different fabrics have different effects. The table below shows the different functions of different materials.
good elasticity, hard deformed
acid and alkali resistant, sweat resistant, abrasion resistant
lighter, more breathable, more durable

Breathability, Cooling, and Warmth

The women cycling jerseys can be divided into spring/summer and autumn/winter models. In spring and summer, short sleeve cycling jerseys for women are usually based on breathability and sweat absorption. In winter, cycling women's jerseys are mainly long sleeves, which are warm and breathable. What season are you in right now? Choose the right womens bike jerseys according to the weather in your place.

Different Versions

The womens cycling clothing is generally available in three versions: competition, professional and casual. The competition version is designed with a tighter cut to reduce wind resistance when riding. The professional version is a more fitted design. It can reduce wind resistance while maintaining maximum comfort. And the casual version is a looser design, mainly based on convenience.

Depending on Design and Style

We all tend to choose womens cycling jerseys that are consistent with our style. Some people like funky women cycling jerseys, while others prefer rustic ones. Just select the type and design you like.

Choose Your Cycling Pants Based on Their Padding

As mentioned above, womens bike pants with padding are essential. Pads are generally available in silicone or foam. You can choose depending on which aspect of the experience you are more focused on.
Good breathability
Pool elasticity
Good elasticity
Poor breathability

Women's Cycling Jersey Worth Getting

Now that you know how to choose. Let’s talk about the womens cycling jersey sale. I will recommend a few cycling women's jerseys in the following sections. They are different styles, and colors. You can choose according to your needs.

1. Hourglass Short Sleeve Jersey for Women

This is one of the most popular womens cycling clothing sold by Jelenew. Jelenew is the world’s first cycling clothing brand to use a protective system for women. Its various excellent features give the women who have used it praise. You can wear this bike jersey on a hot day. Why can it be the first choice we recommend?
Recommended Reasons
  • The fabric for this womens bike jersey is supplied by Italy. It’s skin-friendly and comfortable.
  • French fashion techniques have been used to design the style. The Women’s cycling clothing is stylish, especially in citrus colors, for a vibrant look.
  • The sleeves are made up of 75% nylon and 25% elastane. The main body is made up of 85% nylon + 15% elastane. So it is durable, sweat-resistant, and breathable fit.
  • There are also back pockets and a waistband with silicone grips to prevent the garment from sagging.

2. L'AVENIR Long Sleeve Jersey for Women

This long sleeve cycling women's jersey is designed by Jelenew specifically for cold weather. The design is premium and available in three colors. It allows you to move freely while staying warm. This women's cycling jersey combines fashion and function, designed to make your cycling journey more comfortable.
Recommended Reasons
  • The appearance of the womens cycling clothing is aerodynamically designed to fit the body perfectly. It makes the cycling process more convenient and effortless.
  • Compared to normal cycling clothes, the pockets on the back of this cycling suit are anti-sag. At the same time, there are invisible side pockets on the clothing. Your belongings can be carried safely and easily.
  • The chlorine-resistant fabric is the main fabric on the side of the cycle jersey. This design can quickly absorb sweat and stabilize body temperature even in sweaty locations.

3. ALLURE BRUSHED Long Sleeve Pro Jersey

This womens cycling clothing is designed to be your reliable companion. It's perfect for riding on windy nights and mornings in spring and autumn. The important thing is that it not only has functionality but also has a sense of design.
Recommended Reasons
  • Crafted with warp-knitted functional fabric, Jelenew’s womens cycling jersey effectively reduces drag and improves cycling performance.
  • The jersey has a brushed 4-way stretch fabric on the inside. It allows for effective body temperature regulation. And the pieced side panels prevent sweat buildup.
  • Technical fabrics form an automatic temperature control PID system. It will keep you comfortable during dynamic cold weather rides.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’ve read this far to understand how to choose the best womens cycling jersey. Buying women’s cycling clothing is a simple thing to do. It is up to you to buy according to your situation. What suits you is the best.
This article gives you a reference, and I hope you can buy the right cycling jerseys for women. Welcome to choose Jelenew, the world’s first cycling clothing brand to use a protection system specifically for women. It is also the first cycling clothing brand to partner with a French haute couture master. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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