How to become cycling instructor
October 26, 2022
indoor cycling

Working in the fitness industry may allow you to combine your passion for health and hobbies with your professional life. If you enjoy taking fitness classes and riding spin bikes, you may consider becoming a spin instructor. Learning more about this career and the requirements to pursue it may help you decide if it's a good option for you.

Here are the steps to follow for how to become a spin instructor:

  1. Enroll in indoor cycling classes

Sign up for indoor cycling classes. This may help you become more familiar with the classes and this method of exercise. Try to take classes with a variety of instructors so you can learn about different teaching styles and workout approaches.

indoor cycling

  1. Build your stamina

Exercise often to build your stamina. This is important for helping to ensure you're able to teach your indoor cycling classes each day. Think about enrolling in a variety of fitness classes to help work out different areas of your body and improve your endurance. For example, you may take classes related to kickboxing, lifting weights or fitness-centric dancing.

  1. Learn about the equipment

Familiarize yourself with the various equipment you may use as an indoor cycling instructor. For example, learn about the different bikes you may use and the many parts they have. It's essential for you to understand how each bike component works to ensure all participants ride safely and you instruct them properly. This also helps you advise them on how different settings or seating positions may affect the intensity of their workout.

  1. Explore training programs

Research training programs that may teach you about how to become an indoor cycling instructor. It may be helpful to start by looking for a particular studio that you want to work for because many have their own programs that they want their instructors to complete. Most of these programs have a fee associated with them, and they may involve completing a tryout before you receive admission.

  1. Pursue a certification

Earn a certification that qualifies you to teach indoor cycling classes. Some studios may also require you to have first aid, CPR and similar health-related certifications. Examples of certification programs for indoor cycling instructors include:

Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA) Online Cycling Instructor Certification

International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

National Trainers Exercise Association (NETA) Indoor Group Cycling Certification.


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