Bets cycling pants keep your safe
August 31, 2022
cycling pants

Comfort is of the utmost importance when considering a new pair of cycling pants—gravitate toward pairs that don’t restrict movement and will accommodate any extra padding and chamois you’ll wear underneath.

cycling pants

While baggy and loose-fit pants might be comfortable when lounging at home, on a bike, they’re irksome and can cause sagging and snagging on a ride. A great pair of cycling pants will be form-fitting and tapered, so as to not hinder movement, or worse, get caught in your drivetrain.

As for fabrics, look for synthetics like polyester and nylon that are hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant, as well as finished with Durable Water Repellent, which will guard against elemental annoyances like splashes and snow.

Consider pants with leg zippers for moments where you’d like to change on the fly, and a larger opening that allows you to easily peel those cycling pants off over a pair of cycling shoes. For additional warmth, pants lined with soft, cozy fleece are best, though keep in mind that if the fabric isn’t breathable, you’ll feel like you’re in a sauna.

 Finished with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) that repels snow and rain, these flexible pants are far from restrictive, thanks to a makeup of nylon and stretchy spandex. They have perforated side panels that help excess moisture escape and offer plenty of room for any additional padding you may need underneath—chamois and knee pads included.

We’ve tested these pants ourselves and believe they’ll stand up to whatever situation you throw at them.

This budget-friendly option will do you just fine on the trail, especially in cold conditions. Accented with plenty of reflective piping, these thermal pants are windproof and water-resistant, so they’re able to handle some light rain and snow. They’re lined in polyester-brushed fleece, making for a soft and cozy wear experience, and even have an extended back to prevent any wind from sneaking up on you from behind.

Although they’re labeled as men’s sized, plenty of users on Amazon say they’re unisex-friendly and skew on the smaller side, so those looking for women’s sizes should find these an easy fit.

These tailored joggers offer a windproof outer layer and an inner lining of soft fleece, which is exactly what you need to brave cold, wintry riding conditions. They’re an easy fit, thanks to an elastic waistband, and they’ll give you the sort of stretchy, lazy feel of a regular pair of joggers you’d wear while lounging at home. This pair has reflective strips around the calves, making for a safer ride at night, and a loose fit around the knees to accommodate extra room for padding.

This pair of polyester joggers run on the smaller side, which makes them a great fit as a unisex pair. Take note, however, that some reviewers say the pockets are somewhat shallow.


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