Best sports skirts between comfort and style
August 19, 2022
cycling skirt

Beat the heat and your opponent in a cycling skirt that will keep you cool and collected. If you're looking to upgrade your looks while you serve on the court, check out our favorite cycling skirt selections.

cycling skirt

While there are no rules or dress codes that require them to wear skirts over shorts while cycling, many women simply prefer them over shorts. Skirts allow for just as much, if not more, freedom of movement as shorts. Tennis skirts can be made of the same materials as athletic shorts, so they offer the same comfort, properties, and benefits. Many women like cycling skirts better because they find them more stylish or more comfortable. Some designs have a built-in underlayer, which offers extra security that some shorts may not have. Unlike other types of skirts, most, if not all, tennis skirts tend to have pockets to hold a spare tennis ball or two. That combination of comfort, freedom, and style makes cycling skirts a popular choice for women tennis players.

From a cycling match to a casual meet-up with friends, this preppy, pleated tennis skirt will have you looking put together in the cutest way. It plays with the old-school plaid charm that will always have a place in fashion.

 You’ll get ultimate comfort and protection in this modest but tasteful tennis skirt. Having that extra coverage to keep you safe from the UV rays and from any slip-ups will have you match-ready.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced player, you’ll be winning in this uniquely designed tennis skirt. RYANDREW claims that their new treatment of the fabric prevents pilling, shrinking, and fading. It’s made of a quick-dry material that has a four-way stretch, so you can experience maximum comfort and breathability. You’ll also feel safe and secure with the underlying mesh shorts and a side and a front zippered pocket to stow away your personal items. You’ll want to get your hands on these, as certain designs are rare and limited edition.


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