Best cycling shorts to enjoy your ride in 2022
August 31, 2022
bike shorts

It is the time of year when riders get to enjoy rides in perfect weather. Summer time comes with the best conditions to engage in outdoor activities. If you’re the type to prefer a short ride for a quick cardio session or a longer ride to push your muscles, you need the best bike shorts for a comfortable ride.

 bike shorts

Luckily, the best bike shorts and bibs come with chamois to prevent ride soreness and absorb moisture. Read on to discover the right bike shorts and bibs for your summer rides. 

Riding bibs are similar to bike shorts as they are both made with spandex and have integrated chamois. They are also worn without underwear; however, differences do exist in their design. 

Unlike bike shorts that have waistbands, cycling bibs have none. They rely on elastic straps that go over your shoulders, similar to the design of suspenders. With these bib straps, you don’t have to worry about tight waistbands. 

Another feature of bibs is their higher panel that prevents exposure to your skin. However, there is a tradeoff with this feature. Bib shorts tend to exert slight pressure on your shoulders, and they hold in your stomach. It is also difficult to use the bathroom in a bib compared to normal bike shorts.  

With both styles of bike shorts, you get clothing gear that doesn’t chafe, but the choice of bib straps or waistbands is yours to pick. 

This pair of clothing is usually made with spandex and attached to the skin tightly to reduce the effect of drag. Most bike shorts have integrated chamois, and we will come to the function of this material later in this post. Note that this reason means they aren’t worn with underwear. 

Baggy bike shorts tend to suit riders who engage in mountain trail riding. These shorts have a loose-fitting design and sometimes come with a chamois liner. Mountain bikers often wear knee pads, and these shorts accommodate these pads. 

Some cyclists prefer loose-fitting shorts rather than spandex shorts. The modern mountain bike shorts have lighter fabric to keep you cooler and prevent harm from your saddle. 

At the end of your ride, your bike shorts play a huge role in how you feel. Like all clothing, getting clothing that fits your size matters. Your bike shorts should almost feel like a second skin.

Luckily, there are brands that offer different “fit types” to accommodate cyclists with different proportions. “Pro fits” are for riders with skinny legs and flat stomachs, while “club fits” are for riders with larger bellies and legs. 


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