Jelenew, Female Sports Brand, Launches Lines for Spring
May 06, 2023
Jelenew, Female Sports Brand, Launches Lines for Spring
By Bruce Christian May 1, 2023

Jelenew, a luxury high-performance female sports brand with a cycling focus, is launching expanded lines for spring, combining French couture design and technical performance technology.

Designed for outdoor and indoor cycling, as well as everyday fitness activities, Jelenew’s cycling jerseys, bibs, shorts, fitness sports bras and leggings are available at

With a strong commitment and mission to empower more women, Jelenew is partnering with local U.S. non-profit organizations providing support to help women achieve their personal goals and be their best selves.

Former Chanel Couture team member Di Liu and six-time world champion and two-time Olympic medalist Marion Clignet helm Jelenew’s creative direction, alongside a team of skilled female designers, female athletes, sports enthusiasts and leading experts in sports performance and science. The result is the trademarked CurveTec, a proprietary technology using draped tailoring and form-fitting design supporting key muscle groups, especially during the active motion of pedaling. Specifically, this technology provides maximum mobility for the female physique. CurveTec enhances the cycling experience by supporting the core, lower back, shoulders, hips and thighs.

“Jelenew, created just for women, is delivering the next generation of female-focused cycling and athleisure apparel,” said Slindy Li, founder at Jelenew. “We partner with accomplished global cycling athletes and fitness devotees to create best-in-class apparel that not only provides premier performance, but also, beautiful styling.

“Women are strongest when they empower each other; this is why this initiative is a central part of our DNA. Jelenew is actively collaborating with a diverse team of female product co-creators, ranging from professional cyclists on podiums to everyday women, to gather real-life feedback and constantly improve its products,” Li added.

Jelenew works closely with women as they tackle life’s challenges by aligning with key non-profit organizations in the United States, such as Women of the World in Salt Lake City and Dream Big! in Boston.

As a part of this program, Jelenew is partnering with U.S. indoor cycling studios and cycling clubs, and organizing events with Lisa Leslie, Jelenew’s chief brand strategy officer and former WNBA star, who plays a pivotal role in championing this message for women and communities.

Jelenew has been recognized as the official women’s apparel partner for the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) Winter Cycle at Fenway Park in Boston, which is a part of the nation’s single most successful athletic fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

For the next event, taking place May 20 in Boston and open to consumers, Jelenew will partner with Rev’d Indoor Cycling for a day of festivities including an indoor cycling fundraiser ride, a women’s panel of local female CEOs discussing best practices for achieving personal goals and a retail experiential event.

Jelenew will launch the SOMAtique indoor cycling collection in June 2023, featuring leggings, bibs and shorts, all using CurveTec.
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