Getting it Right With Cycling Sports Bra Sizes
October 17, 2023
Getting it Right With Cycling Sports Bra Sizes
Sports bras for cycling are a must-have in every cyclist’s toolkit. Well, this fact is still controversial among novice cyclists. However, savvy ones can’t go a single ride with a shielding breast cap. Some may ask why you need it, and we will answer that in subsequent sections. But for now, we’re speaking about getting the right bra size. Getting the right fit isn’t as easy as with regular bras. This speaks to the unique requirements of cycling, body changes, and so much more.
Let’s dive right in!

Why Are Cycling Sports Bras So Important?

Right off the bat, we’ll tell you sports bras are good for your health. Their simple work of protecting your chest lump from any unprecedented accidents is often ignored. But think about running through a wire mesh fence or something heavy falling on you. The consequences are dire if you take out a normal, non-padded bra. You’ll end up tearing your skin and maybe something worse.

Reduce Friction And Irritation

The best sports bra for cycling uses professional materials and design. It reduces friction and irritation between the body and the bicycle seat while riding, which can lead to skin breakage, pain or bruising.

Provides Comfort And Fit

The design of the cycling bra takes into account the body's posture and movement characteristics while riding. It provides better comfort and fit, avoiding discomfort and allowing the rider to remain comfortable for longer.

Wicks Away Moisture And Keeps You Dry

Cycling sports bras usually use high-tech materials that absorb moisture and wick away sweat. It can absorb the sweat discharged by the body in time and discharge it quickly. Keep your skin dry to avoid discomfort and skin problems caused by moisture.

Provide Support And Stability

women's cycling sports bra is designed to provide proper support. For women, it can avoid breast shaking, maintain stability, and reduce chest discomfort and pain.

Promote Blood Circulation

A suitable cycling bra can help relieve local pressure that may occur during long-term sedentary cycling and reduce cycling fatigue through pressure distribution and promotion of blood circulation.
Off-road cycling is considered a medium-impact sport activity as it involves a few body movements. Hence, without the right gear, your chest might pain at the end of the day. After getting to terms with your dire need for a sports bra for cycling, there are more questions in line. You’ll start asking how to get the best cycling bra size, right?
Let’s get to it!

Choosing The Right Cycling Sports Bra Size

The main purpose of a sports bra for cycling is support. You want to reduce your chest movements and make your torso move as one. That said, a good sports bra should fit snugly or a little tight. Make sure to leave out a little wiggle room, however. Remember, having a tight fit might restrict your breathability, causing suffocation. Besides, as much as cycling is a medium-impact activity, it results in heat generation. So, you find your not-so-tight bra a smidge too tight.
To get it right with the size, hop into a sporting store just after you’re back from your rides and try one. At this time, your body has expanded due to the heat you emit from the exercise. So, your chest is the widest. Take note of the bra size that suits you.
However, it’s understandable that not all stores will allow you to try out their products without buying. So, to avoid the hassle, get yourself a tailor’s tape measure. Stand in front of a mirror and let your friend take the measurements. Remember to do this when you’re still heated up after the ride.

How to Take Bra Measurements

  1. To get the underbust circumference, wrap your torso with the tape measure. Then, adjust it to where the breast bump ends, just below your breast. Take a deep breath and note down the measurements you mark on the exhale. Exhale measurements ensure the bra fits snugly even when you take deep breaths in your rides.
  2. Your nipple height should determine your bust circumference. So, use this height and round the measurements down. For example, 50 would be a good size for measurements like 52 or even 53.
  3. Sometimes, you may find it hard to find the right cup size if you have a small torso but a big bust. So, take the diameter of your breasts, depending on how much you want the bra to cover.
It’s worth iteration that your bra size depends on your preference. However, you want to go slow using the same size measurements for all your shopping. If you undergo body big size changes, you want to master how small or big your body gets. The best way to do this is to have a tape measure at your disposal. If you keep your body in check, you’ll notice any time your size increases, and take new measurements.
You want to note that a baggy sports bra is as good as none. You will only have a frumpy look and encounter all the woes of an unsupported chest. Also, note that different brands abide by different sizing standards. As much as some may go with the US standards, not all brands curate true-to-size bras. That speaks to a little more vigilance in your measurement skills and comparison. Make it a habit to take measurements every time you need to buy sports bras for cycling.
Also, work with online reviews, especially if you’re using the brand’s online store. Assess the review statistics and see what the majority of the reviews stand for. If things don’t go smoothly, you can either opt for a physical store or consult the company’s customer service. Some brands may go as far as sewing you sports bras, especially if you have unique size requirements.

Tips to Remember When Choosing Cycling Sports Bra Size

  • If you’re choosing a new brand, always get new measurements.
  • Learn how to compare your sizes and the brand's size charts to avoid second-guessing.
  • If you’re not sure of your measurements’ accuracy, consult with a brand to get it right.
  • Let the bra be medium-supportive, as in giving you support and leaving a little wiggle room.
  • Tight-up bras will tone down your cycles by restricting your breathability.
  • Always ensure you get new measurements if buying a sports bra for cycling after a long time.
  • If you happen to experience size changes, always consider taking out a new sports bra with your latest measurements.
  • Avoid using your regular bra sizes to get a sports bra.
  • Don’t forget to measure your preferred cup size.
  • If you have unique size requirements, consider getting a tailor-made sports bra.
  • Kook for sports bras with adjustable straps for different sizing needs.
  • If you have big breasts, you may need a high-supportive sports bra to effortlessly hold in all the weight.


When women seek the best cycling experience, choosing the right cycling sports bra size is crucial. A suitable cycling bra can not only provide comfortable and stable support but also reduce fatigue and avoid unnecessary discomfort and injury. By understanding your body and choosing the right size, you can ensure that you are at your best for the sport you love every time you ride.
Getting the right sports bra size is not exactly easy but possible. It requires a little commitment to take measurements in every event. Sometimes, your body experiences subtle size changes and an inch-off could make a bra underperform. Click here to view one of the greatest, high-performing cycling bras, and cost-cutting cycling bras.

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